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Red Audio is High Energy Electro Garage Rock.

Their music combines rock, post-punk, synthwave, and sludge to create a LoFi SciFi sound all their own.

"If NASA had put a keytar on Voyager instead of a golden record, Red Audio is what you’d expect to hear back from the aliens in eighty thousand years or so. The band is a four man death ray blast of synths, bass, drums and effects-laden guitar aimed directly at your ears. Between the stomping synth menace of Edgar Winter Group’s Frankenstein and the herky-jerky freak-out of Devo’s Uncontrollable Urge, you’ll find the Red Audio event horizon. Once you hear the sawtooth attack of the band’s wall of noise, it’s too late, there’s no escape. You are about to be vaporized by rock and roll."- Emily Beane, WTSQ 88.1FM - The Status Quo

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